The final selection for 2008-2010 includes projects that will contribute to the sustainability of coastal and marine resources in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, and to our understanding of: (1) coastal water quality; (2) the management of coastal resources, ecosystems, critical habitats, and coral reef communities; (3) historical impact of climate change on the history of critical habitats; (4) new biomarkers for pollution in estuaries and bays, as well as new technologies for the detection of fecal contamination; and (5) coral reef disease and the land-sea interface processes.

Proposal Title
Bayman, PaulAspergillosis of Sea Fans in a Global Context
Rodríguez-Minguela, Carlos M.Molecular Ecology of Antimicrobial Resistance Traits in Bacterial and Fungal Populations from Critical Coastal Habitats Impacted by Sewage, Animal Waste, and Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharges
Bachoon, DaveRapid Detection and Quantification of Fecal Pollution in the Caribbean Region
Martínez Colón, MichaelBenthic Foraminifera as Bioindicators of Heavy Metal Pollution: Torrecilla Lagoon (San Juan Bay Estuary), Puerto Rico
Sherman, Clark E.Character and Timing of a Reef Give-Up Event on the Southwest Puerto Rico Shelf
Chadwick, NanetteSymbiont Diversity and Population Dynamics of Coral Reef Sea Anemones

Authorized by the State Elections Commission CEE-SA-16-893

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