The UPR Sea Grant College Program, Karen González, from the Department of Civil Engineering, and the Agriculture Extension Service from the University of Puerto Rico in collaboration with the Committee for the Control of Non-point Source Pollution in the Coastal Zone from the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) of Puerto Rico have developed the computer program SEPTIX III. This program, based on an Excel spreadsheet, allows you to determine if your residential septic system has the adequate dimensions and characteristics to operate correctly, according to current legislation in Puerto Rico. Furthermore, it offers recommendations about the adequate capacity and dimensions of these systems and alternatives for improving its performance.

SEPTIX III works with the three main components of residential septic systems in Puerto Rico: (1) the septic tank or receptor, (2) the distribution box, and (3) the leachfield. The program was designed to assist in meeting the certification requirements established by the Administration for Rules and Permits (ARPE) for the construction of residential septic systems in single-family residences and the International Private Sewage Disposal Code, UBC-1997, Volume I.

We hope that the program is useful and that you will share it with your neighbors, workmates, and any others who might be interested in it. If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please write to us at or call 787-832-4040, ext. 2509.

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