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water_qualityWater quality protection and conservation are critical issues for the sustainable development of a country. Similarly, marine and coastal resources depend on the sustainable use of water resources and their interaction with soil resources. For this reason, the Sea Grant College Program actively promotes strategies to control water and soil contamination that is caused by point and non-point source pollution.  We develop educational outreach projects that range from promoting the use of natural detergents in our homes, to good environmental navigation policies. We also engage in issues related to the formulation of sustainable public policies and individual and collective training of our community members.

Global warming, unplanned coastal development, and urban sprawl constitute serious threats to water quality and our supply of this resource. Many rivers reflect high levels of chemical contamination, used water, and sediments that eventually reach our coasts. Wetlands and streams are severely altered by processes such as the filling of wetlands and the deviation of bodies of water. This has caused severe droughts and coastal floods that significantly contribute to climate changes in our Caribbean region. Also, the eutrophication of our reservoirs and waste from industries, agriculture, shops, and residencies continuously threatens the quality of coastal waters around our island.

For this reason, at the University of Puerto Rico Sea Grant College Program we work arduously in the development and implementation of diverse strategies aimed towards capacitating and educating for the protection and conservation of water resources, sustainable coastal development, the viability of renewable energy sources, the implementation of state regulations, and the development of a problem solving attitude for the entire community. This is our challenge, and we want you to join us.

Environmental Guide

In view of the need of a document which compiles and summarizes the information necessary to solve environmental problems, UPR Sea Grant published the Puerto Rico Environmental Guide. The communities, civil society groups, NGOs, and the general public can directly benefit from this publication. Click on the Environmental Guide link below to download the document.

Download Environmental Guide

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