The UPR Marine Outreach Program (MOP) is a multi-island information and technology transfer program implemented in order to educate and change the attitudes, perceptions, and practices of resource users, resource managers, and the general public in relation to the sustainable use of Puerto Rico’s coastal and marine resources. The goals and objectives of our program are achieved through our outreach services and activities. In addition, we have a commitment to being an effective liaison between the research community and government agencies, the private industry, and resource users through the transfer of technology and related information. MOP includes extension, communications, and our education components.

The thematic areas within MOP are: water quality, coastal community development, fisheries, tourism and recreation, seafood safety, and coastal hazards. MOP also includes our sister project in the US Virgin Islands: VIMAS (Virgin Islands Marine Advisory Services).

Our work plan features innovative projects based on our Strategic Plan, and on the cultural context of the insular tropical environs of Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and other Caribbean countries.

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