• Understanding direct and indirect impacts of land-based sources of pollution on early life history stages of corals

    Investigador: Brandt, M.

  • Development of a cost-efficient assessment tool to prevent the establishment of invasive marine species in Puerto Rico

    Investigador: López-Legentil, S.

  • Ciguatoxin detection and model predictions for use in fisheries management in Puerto Rico

    Investigador: Luczkovich, J.

  • Benthic foraminifera and the FORAM Index: application and implementation in the coral reef monitoring plan in Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve System in Puerto Rico

    Investigador: Martínez-Colón, M.

  • Addition of Wave Runup/Overtopping to the Puerto Rico Storm Surge Atlas

    Investigador: Mercado, A.

  • Are the two largest Marine Protected Areas in the United States Virgin Islands working?

    Investigador: Nemeth, R.

  • Natural Coastal barriers at risk: A First Assessment of Biogeochemical and Physical Stressors

    Investigador: Salisbury, J.

  • Assessment of the Impact of Watershed Development and Restoration on Marine Sediment Dynamics, St. John, USVI

    Investigador: Gray, S.

  • Towards fast detection of harmful bacteria levels in nearshore waters: Coupling remotely sensed hydrodynamics with in situ bacteria measurements

    Investigador: Rodríguez-Abudo, S.

  • Slowly-evolving Ramicrusta textilis (Peyssonneliaceae, Rhodophyta) invasions – Is it a driver of net shifts in Caribbean coral reef ecosystem functions?

    Investigador: Hernández-Delgado, E.

  • Coastal Forest Fisheries: A Study of Estuarine Forest Resource Dependency in the Southern Coast of Puerto Rico

    Investigador: García-Quijano, C.

  • Restoration of two threatened populations of Acropora cervicornis in eastern Puerto Rico: using a quantitative demographic model to guide their management

    Investigador: Mercado-Molina, A.

  • Coastal Ecosystem Assessment, Development and Creation of a Policy Tool Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Uavs) for: A Case Study of Western Puerto Rico Coastal Region

    Investigador: Muñoz-Barreto, J.

  • Understanding the Effect of Sea Surface Temperature and Solar Radiation on the Allocation of Resources into Immune Defense, Growth and Reproduction of Acropora cervicornis

    Investigador: Toledo-Hernández, C.

  • Bioremediation of oil pollutants by fungi associated with coastal mangroves in Puerto Rico

    Investigador: Cafaro, M.

  • Improving field training of fish identification with tablet technology and assessing effectiveness of this method compared to traditional training

    Investigador: Cruz-Motta, J.

  • The Immune Response of Diadema antillarum and Recovery from Caribbean-wide mass mortality

    Investigador: Beck, G.

  • Evaluation of Perceptions and Experimental Planting Techniques at Parque La Esperanza, Cataño, Puerto Rico

    Investigador: Rodríguez, C.

  • Genetic structure and diversity of bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus off Puerto Rico

    Investigador: Rodríguez, G.

  • Connectivity between shallow and mesophotic ecosystems in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands: using corals and commensal fauna

    Investigador: Schizas, N.

  • Reef health, fish diseases, and habitat connectivity: understanding the role of ectoparasites as vectors for disease, energy transfer, and barometers of reef ecosystem health

    Investigador: Sikkel, P.

  • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Water Quality Parameters Impacting Coral Reef Health in Puerto Rico

    Investigador: Armstrong, R.

  • Ecosystem-level impacts of community-based coral reef health rehabilitation in light of rapidly evolving ecological paradigms

    Investigador: Suleiman, S.

  • Building a multi-institutional effort to understand regional connectivity towards effective management of marine resources: linking fish, essential habitats and ecosystems

    Investigador: Jordaan, A.

  • EXPOSURE AND ADAPTIVE CAPACITY TO FLOODS: A Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment of Rincon’s Neighborhoods

    Investigador: Dávila, S.


    Investigador: Aponte, L.

  • Towards Potential Beach Nourishment in Rincón: Seamless RTK Surveying, Sediment Compatibility Analysis and an Online Tool for Data Sharing

    Investigador: Canals, M.

  • Development of the Puerto Rico Beach and Surfzone Currents Warning System

    Investigador: Canals, Miguel

  • Movement patterns of bonefish (Albula spp.) inhabiting reef flats in Culebra, Puerto Rico: From ecological connectivity to sustainable use for a recreational fishery

    Investigador: Danylchuk, Andy J.

  • An Interdisciplinary Evaluation of the Fishery for Cittarium pica

    Investigador: Forrester, Graham E.

  • Deciphering Phosphorescent Bay: New Approaches towards the Understanding of this Unique Ecosystem

    Investigador: Soler, Brenda

  • The Coast’s Bailout: Coastal Resource Use, Quality of Life, and Resilience in Puerto Rico

    Investigador: García, Carlos G.

  • Sea Fan Aspergillosis: Demography, Impact and Stress

    Investigador: Sabat, Alberto M.

  • Long-Term Passive Acoustic Tracking of Juvenile Black-Tip and Lemon Sharks: An Investigation into the Spatiotemporal Dynamics and Connectivity of Shark Nursery Habitat in St. John, USVI

    Investigador: Skomal, Gregory B.

  • A Sedimentary Record of Marine Flooding Events from Coastal Salt Ponds, Southwest Puerto Rico

    Investigador: Sherman, Clark E.

  • Application of the Soil and Water Assessment Tool Model (SWAT) to Estimate Discharge and Sediment Yields from the Río Grande de Añasco Watershed, Puerto Rico

    Investigador: Ramos, Carlos E.

  • Potential Future Land Loss of Small Islands of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands

    Investigador: Bush, David M.

La selección final de proyectos para el periodo del 2008-2010 incluye investigaciones que contribuirán a la sustenibilidad de los recursos marinos y costeros de Puerto Rico y de las Islas Vírgenes Estadounidenses. Estos trabajos se realizaron dentro de las siguientes áreas: (1) la calidad de las aguas costeras; (2) manejo de rescursos costeros, ecosistemas, hábitats críticos y comunidades de arrecifes de coral; (3) impacto histórico de cambio climático sobre la historia de hábitats críticos; (4) nuevos bio-indicadores para la contaminación de estuarios y bahías, nuevas tecnologías para la detección de contaminación fecal; y (5) enfermedades de arrecifes de coral y de los procesos de interface de mar y tierra.

  • Aspergillosis of Sea Fans in a Global Context

    Investigador: Bayman, Paul

  • Molecular Ecology of Antimicrobial Resistance Traits in Bacterial and Fungal Populations from Critical Coastal Habitats Impacted by Sewage, Animal Waste, and Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharges

    Investigador: Rodríguez-Minguela, Carlos M.

  • Rapid Detection and Quantification of Fecal Pollution in the Caribbean Region

    Investigador: Bachoon, Dave

  • Benthic Foraminifera as Bioindicators of Heavy Metal Pollution: Torrecilla Lagoon (San Juan Bay Estuary), Puerto Rico

    Investigador: Martínez Colón, Michael

  • Character and Timing of a Reef Give-Up Event on the Southwest Puerto Rico Shelf

    Investigador: Sherman, Clark E.

  • Symbiont Diversity and Population Dynamics of Coral Reef Sea Anemones

    Investigador: Chadwick, Nanette

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