Investigador del proyecto
Brandt, M.Understanding direct and indirect impacts of land-based sources of pollution on early life history stages of corals
López-Legentil, S.Development of a cost-efficient assessment tool to prevent the establishment of invasive marine species in Puerto Rico
Luczkovich, J.Ciguatoxin detection and model predictions for use in fisheries management in Puerto Rico
Martínez-Colón, M.Benthic foraminifera and the FORAM Index: application and implementation in the coral reef monitoring plan in Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve System in Puerto Rico
Mercado, A.Addition of Wave Runup/Overtopping to the Puerto Rico Storm Surge Atlas
Nemeth, R.Are the two largest Marine Protected Areas in the United States Virgin Islands working?

Autorizado por la Comisión Estatal de Elecciones CEE-SA-16-893

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