Título del proyecto
García, Carlos G.The Coast’s Bailout: Coastal Resource Use, Quality of Life, and Resilience in Puerto Rico
Sabat, Alberto M.Sea Fan Aspergillosis: Demography, Impact and Stress
Skomal, Gregory B.Long-Term Passive Acoustic Tracking of Juvenile Black-Tip and Lemon Sharks: An Investigation into the Spatiotemporal Dynamics and Connectivity of Shark Nursery Habitat in St. John, USVI
Sherman, Clark E.A Sedimentary Record of Marine Flooding Events from Coastal Salt Ponds, Southwest Puerto Rico
Ramos, Carlos E.Application of the Soil and Water Assessment Tool Model (SWAT) to Estimate Discharge and Sediment Yields from the Río Grande de Añasco Watershed, Puerto Rico
Bush, David M.Potential Future Land Loss of Small Islands of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands

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