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The Marine Outreach Program of the UPR (MOP) is a program designed for the facilitated transfer of information and technology among multiple islands. The purpose of the program is to educate and change the attitudes, perceptions, and practices of resource users, managers, and the general public regarding the sustainable use of marine and coastal resources in Puerto Rico. The goals and objectives of our program are achieved through the services and activities we offer. Additionally, we are committed to being an effective link between the research community and government agencies, private industry, and resource users. In this way, we aim to do this through the clear transfer of technology and information between these different communities. As an effective link for the Caribbean, we also make our advisory services and Sea Grant Program publications available to other islands in the region.

Water quality, coastal community development, the fisheries, tourism and recreation, shellfish safety, and coastal hazards are the thematic areas covered by MOP. MOP also includes our sister project in the United States Virgin Islands (Advisory Services for the Virgin Islands).

MOP plans and develops innovative projects based on the Strategic Plan and the cultural context of the tropical island environments of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and other Caribbean countries.

Marine Outreach Work Team

René Esteves Amador
Outreach Leader, and Research Coordinator

Lillian Ramírez Durand
Marine Extension Specialist, specialist in coastal community development, and climate change

Jannette Ramos García
Marine Outreach Specialist, Lionfish Specialist

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