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Generoso Morales School from San Lorenzo Visited Playita Rosada in Lajas, Puerto Rico for the First Time

April 12, 2019

On April 12, 2019, seventh-grade students from Generoso Morales School in San Lorenzo visited Playita Rosada in La Parguera, Lajas, Puerto Rico. It was the first time that students and teachers from this school traveled from such a distant town to learn about the marine and coastal resources in this area. Upon arrival, the students were divided into four (4) groups to participate in the activities prepared for them. Once registered and divided, they began to rotate through the following stations: mangrove, sand composition, invertebrates, and meteorology.

At the first station, students observed all types of mangroves in Puerto Rico and their main characteristics. They collected leaves from the ground to create a sample and walked through the mangrove forest to see the adaptations that each tree has to survive in the coastal environment. In the second station, they analyzed various types of sands from Puerto Rican beaches and, using a field microscope, observed the color, size, and angularity of the grains in each sample.

At the third station, they had the opportunity to interact, touch, and observe different invertebrate animals such as starfish, sea cucumbers, black sea urchins, among others. They learned about different behaviors of these organisms: how they feed, where they live, and the importance they have for marine ecosystems. Finally, they took measurements of different weather parameters at the meteorology station and saw how they affect marine ecosystems. They measured temperature, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, among others, with a portable weather station. They also observed clouds and made their own weather forecast.

In the end, it was a very enriching experience for them. We hope they come back soon to continue learning. Let’s keep moving forward!

By Delmis del C. Alicea Segarra, EdD

Photos by Efra Figueroa


April 12, 2019
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