Just like the other islands in the Antilles, Puerto Rico is surrounded by a vast natural resource that provides fundamental benefits for our survival. The sea is our “life support system” because, in addition to providing us with appropriate climatic conditions, food, employment opportunities, recreation, transportation, and a variety of products.  The sea also supplies more than 70% of the oxygen we breathe. Along the coastal areas of Puerto Rico, we find unique and fragile ecosystems such as coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves, and beaches.

Due to the relevance of marine and coastal resources, it is important to raise awareness about the need to conserve them. For this reason, the Sea Grant Program at the University of Puerto Rico offers a wide range of educational services for both students and educators. These services are provided through in-person and distance learning modalities. Through our Education component, the Program conducts lectures, workshops, field trips, training sessions, and educational outreach expositions, among other activities. We also lead projects aimed at increasing ocean literacy among students, educators, and communities in general. This section of the page explains the services that the Program offers.

Education Work Team

Delmis del C. Alicea Segarra
Curriculum and Assessment Specialist

Ángela Ferrá Elías
Marine Educator

Héctor Martínez Rivera
Marine Educator

Doris J. Rivera Santiago
Marine Educator

Wanda Ortiz
Marine Educator

Khrystall Ramos Callejas
Marine Educator

Lauryn N. Martínez Guzman
Marine Educator

Juliebeth Ramos González
Marine Educator

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