Sea Grant Puerto Rico’s directors, extensionists, educators, researchers, and photographers are consulted by local and international press for discussions on coastal conservation and the Caribbean environment.

  • Revista La Calle

    Programa Sea Grant anuncia el Festival ¡Come Pez León y Calamar Diamante!

  • UPR Mayagüez- RUM Press

    Sea Grant anuncia Festival ¡Come pez león y calamar diamante!

  • Radio Isla

    Podcast – Own Agenda

  • University of Puerto Rico

    Sea Grant launches Surfeando PR page.

  • UPR Mayagüez- RUM Press

    Sea Grant Puerto Rico continues a pilot program certifying diving for fishermen in Vieques.

  • UPR Mayagüez- RUM Press

    Sea Grant Puerto Rico creates a pilot program certifying diving for fishermen in Cabo Rojo and Vieques.

  • Telemundo Puerto Rico

    They created an app that promotes surfing destinations on the island. It shows sea conditions and a pin with the address of the beach you choose.

  • Noticentro Wapa Televisión

    Meteorologist Ada Monzón interviews Ruperto Chaparro on the International Day of the Oceans.

  • Los Datos son Los Datos, Wapa Televisión, Jay Fonseca

    Journalist Hermes Ayala, along with marine advisor Jannette Ramos and her granddaughter Thalía, educates about the lionfish and its importance as a nutritious food.

  • Geoambiente

    Environmental journalist María Falcón interviews Sea Grant Puerto Rico Director Ruperto Chaparro about the Coastal Zone.

  • Huffpost

    Journalists Alexander C. Kaufman and Hermes Ayala Guzmán investigate the controversy over the construction of a pool at the Sol y Playa Condominium in Rincón and its implications for the coastal zone.

  • El Nuevo Día

    Ruperto Chaparro, director of Sea Grant Puerto Rico, talks with journalist Gerardo E. Alvarado León and other experts about the future of Puerto Rico’s coasts.

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