The Communications Team at Puerto Rico’s Sea Grant Program presents a new tool for surfers and novices alike. By clicking on our link, everyone can access our personalized map from their cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

SURFEANDO PR illustrates the locations and descriptions of some of the beaches that are known for surfing.

This map includes photography of the most optimal conditions for surfing, recommendations by skill level, forecast links updated by our collaborators at The Caribbean Coastal Ocean Observing System (CARICOOS), among other useful information.

This map is published for informational purposes only. The user of this map acknowledges that the information contained herein may not reflect the conditions existing at all times at the beaches included here, as these depend on the existing weather conditions at any given time. The user further acknowledges that the information contained herein may contain inaccuracies and errors. The use of the information contained in this map and the included notes should under no circumstances be interpreted as an invitation to use these beaches for surfing. The user relieves both the creator of the content and whoever publishes this information, whether natural or legal entity, its directors, representatives, agents and employees, from any liability for damages that may be suffered when using the identified beaches either for surfing or any other sporting, recreational or commercial activity.


Autorizado por la Comisión Estatal de Elecciones CEE-SA-16-893

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