Understanding how important it is to conserve our coastal and marine resources, the University of Puerto Rico Sea Grant Program has designed several educational guides to help teachers integrate these topics into their classrooms. These guides include a scientific background for each ecosystem (the mangrove forest, the seagrass bed, and the coral reefs), a slideshow presentation with teacher’s notes, lesson plans that align with the Department of Education of Puerto Rico’s standards, activities, laboratory work, a theme guide and a pre- and post-test to verify student knowledge gain. The guides also include a DVD containing all the documents mentioned, with their corresponding answer sheets and keys, so that the teacher can edit and adapt them to the students’ level and the classroom’s available facilities. Each guidebook set includes the teacher’s guidebook, the student manual, a story book, its accompanying activity book, and the DVD.

The printed documents can be found at the Sea Grant office. If you wish to order any of the guides, please get in touch with us. The links below will show Spanish language versions of the book, now available. The English language translations will be forthcoming.

Click on the cover of the document you wish to download.

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