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The mini-workshops are aimed at K-12 teachers from public and private schools. They last for a day (8 hours), and they take place in UPR-Humacao. Participants learn how to use different research techniques for data gathering and preparing materials and simple equipment they can take and use in classrooms for demonstrations and experiments. The workshops are free of cost and do not include meals.

15. Arenas
Sand Classification

Participants study the origin and characteristics of sand using microscopes and simple activities. They will prepare sieves and the necessary materials for studying sands in their classrooms.

16. Ballenas
Whales: Endangered Giants

During this workshop, educators will become familiarized with the whale species that visit Puerto Rican waters. Through chats, hands-on activities and games, they will study the biology, ecology and conservation measures associated with these majestic creatures.


Participants will observe and identify a sample of plankton. They will construct a simple plankton net they can later use with their students to collect and analyze samples in the classroom.

Marine Vegetation

Workshop attendees will get a chance to understand the marine vegetation most commonly found in our coasts. They will also study their characteristics and the important role they play in marine ecosystems. Through means of a pressing and drying activity, the participants can prepare their own specimen collection.

Marine Birds

The workshop consists of a bird observation field trip, chats and educational activities aimed at studying the biology of the marine and aquatic birds most commonly found in our coasts.

18. Corales

During this workshop, educators become familiarized with corals common to Puerto Rico, identify the species through their characteristics, and learn how they are being affected by global warming.

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