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These exhibits consist of an informational display board about a marine topic, as well as audiovisual materials, plastic models, and educational activities that teachers may use in the classroom with their students. The exhibit may be used by the teacher for a time period of up to a week. We require a donation of $25.00 to cover material expenses.



This exhibit offers information on beach characteristics: their ecological characteristics, organisms and their adaptations, threats, and how we can contribute to the conservation of Puerto Rican beaches. It includes materials and activities to study the origin and composition of the sands. It also includes educational videos and Power Point presentations that will help you to study this ecosystem.



Sea Turtles

This exhibit offers information on the sea turtle species that visit Puerto Rico, their biology, reproduction, threats, and the conservation efforts that are being undertaken for their protection. Through games, videos, presentations, models, and educational activities, students will study the different biological aspects of these endangered species.

Authorized by the State Elections Commission CEE-SA-16-893

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