Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bays: Jewels of the Caribbean
  • What is bioluminescence, and what is its function?
  • Are bioluminescence, fluorescence and phosphorescence the same thing?
  • What causes the bioluminescence in Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays, and why does it happen?
  • Is bioluminescence being lost in some of Puerto Rico’s bays?
  • How are the Bioluminescent Bays affected, and what can we do to protect them?

Through the course of this lecture, these and many other questions concerning Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bays will be answered. This presentation is part of the “Deciphering Bahía Fosforescente: New Tools towards the Understanding of This Unique Ecosystem” project, financed by the Puerto Rico Sea Grant Program (Award: R-101-1-12).


Brenda María Soler Figueroa
anabakaena@gmail.com / brenda.soler@upr.edu
(787) 375-7888

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