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Mamíferos marinos de Puerto Rico e Islas Vírgenes
¡Come pez león!: El recetario
Aves marinas de Puerto Rico
People, Habitats, Species, and Governance: An Assessment of the Social-Ecological System of La Parguera, Puerto Rico
Surfing Sociology in Rincón
A Glimpse to the World of Fishermen: A Global Perspective
Fishes of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands (Fifth Edition)
Cartilla de la Zona Marítimo Terrestre
Encuentro con el mar (second edition)
Sandwatch: An Educational Tool for Sustainable Development
Palabras de Pescadores: Entrevistas con pescadores comerciales de Puerto Rico 1991-1995
Los quitones de Puerto Rico
Peces y mariscos comestibles de Puerto Rico
Public Policy Position Papers – Planteamientos sobre Política Pública
Cruzan Fisheries: A rapid assessment of the historical, social, cultural and economic processes that shaped coastal communities’ dependence and engagement in fishing in the island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Karaya perdió su caparazón
Peces de agua dulce nativos de Puerto Rico
Aquatic Safety Assessment & Recommendations- Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

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