Research at UPR Sea Grant Program – A look at 6 years and counting…

Have you ever wondered about the research projects funded over the years by the UPR Sea Grant Program (UPRSGP)?

What research topics has UPRSGP funded during the past few years?

UPRSGP has been consistently making efforts to sponsor research projects for many years related to different marine and coastal issues in the US Caribbean. In recognition of these efforts, the CRA team will be posting a new series of articles regarding the research that UPRSGP is currently funding and has funded over the years.

The Research at UPRSGP series will be featuring several articles on the last six years of research (2006-2012) that has been funded by UPRSGP. The purpose of this series is to make known the efforts that UPRSG has made to support marine and coastal related research to better understand our local ecosystems and improve management strategies.

Stay tuned for the first post of the Research at UPRSGP series!


Contributed by: J. Seda


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