36th AMLC Meeting: Sustainability AND Resilience – June 2013

The Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean (AMLC) has announced its 36th Scientific Meeting for June 17-21, 2013 in Discovery Bay, Jamaica. The meeting is being hosted by the Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory of the University of the West Indies. The theme of this year’s meeting is Managing for Sustainability AND Resilience: Challenges for CZM in the Caribbean.

Topics of special interest for this year’s meeting include:

Connectivity (habitat linkages between coral reefs, mangroves and sea grass, larval distribution patterns, spawning aggregations, land-sea interactions, biological oceanography)

Global and Regional Issues (global warming, regional patterns of coral bleaching and disease, physical oceanography, remote sensing, GIS, coastal processes, natural disturbances, pollution, sedimentation)

Resource Management (MPAs, ecosystem approaches to coastal management, fisheries, aquaculture, conservation, monitoring and assessment, social economics, public awareness)

Ecology (ecology, behavior, reproduction, diseases, invasive organisms, food web dynamics, reef resilience, deep coral reefs, species inventories and range extensions, and habitat mapping)

The AMLC plans to make special efforts to encourage participation from environmental managers and decision makers in the meeting with the hope of widening AMLC’s impact in the region.

Other issues of interest for the AMLC meeting include:

The panacea of mitigation in coastal zone development – changing the paradigm of coastal zone management in the Caribbean

Principles of interconnectivity – the true economic and social cost of coastal zone development in Caribbean countries

The challenge of translating scientific knowledge into effective management practices

Trans-boundary marine science as a vehicle for improving International partnerships

Coastal Restoration – Caribbean challenges

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Abstract deadline is April 30, 2013!

Contributed by: J. Seda
Information obtained from: AMLC website

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