‘Fishing’ info about a marine species? – Sealifebase.org

Many of the experts and stakeholders we have surveyed have repeatedly emphasized the need to develop a searchable database that would provide valuable information about marine species. Apparently, someone has been listening and converting that need into a reality. If you’ve been “fishing” for some data about a particular marine species, SeaLifeBase.org may provide some insight based on the information made available by many partners, support from the Oak Foundation, and the Global Greengrants Fund.

The database lets users search by:

  1. Common name
  2. Scientific name
  3. Glossary (or keyword)
  4. Information by Country or Island (which includes species groupings, biodiversity, uses, tools and miscellaneous data)
  5. Information by Ecosystem
  6. Information by Topic (which includes trophic ecology, life history, uses and miscellaneous data)
  7. Tools
  8. References (publications)

To date, the searchable database (which is available in different languages) consists of:

  • 14,700 species
  • 26, 100 common names
  • 11,100 pictures
  • 17,100 references
  • 230 collaborators

To visit the database, just click here and happy searching!

Contributed by: J. Seda


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