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In this generation, social networking has become an important communication tool for people to interact with each other. But, has social networking affected our ability to communicate with our colleagues in the scientific field? I definitely believe so. How can I be sure of that? Just remember your last visit to a scientific conference, symposium, or meeting.  In the agenda, you probably found a scheduled time to “network” with others and to discuss the latest research. The “poster session” is possibly one of the most commonly known scheduled “networking” sessions in scientific meetings and one of the best opportunities to make your contribution known to the scientific community.

Communication among experts and scientists is not a new concept, but I am convinced that the way we communicate our ideas is changing. “Scientific networking” (as I call it) is becoming redefined. How can I be sure of that? The existence of blogs, forums and listservers dedicated to encouraging the sharing of ideas, projects, and knowledge among the scientific community are serving as the “networks” that allow us to find out what’s going on in countries oceans away from us.

With this is mind, I’ve listed some blogs, forums and listservers that are presently aimed at communicating about marine and coastal issues.

I also included a list of blogs from UPR Sea Grant, which has also dedicated efforts to communicating their activities with the local public.

Other noteworthy websites are also listed for more interesting news concerning topics on marine and coastal issues.

Blogs, Forums, and Listservers:

University of Puerto Rico Sea Grant Blogs:

Other websites any avid marine expert or conservationist should visit:


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