The University of Puerto Rico Sea Grant College Program (UPRSGCP) announces a Request for Proposals (RFP) for 2014-2016. Merit funding is being made available for broadly interpreted social science related projects; those that align with the national strategic investment area of resilient coastal communities and economies (RCE).

For this competition UPRSGCP will be encouraging projects that provide useful information complementing any effort to mitigate shoreline erosion, beach degradation or promote the development of resilient coastal communities and economies. Beach nourishment is being considered as a mitigating measure for the Rincon and San Juan shorelines but requires studies that quantify the value of coastal property and loss due to erosion, the costs related to beach nourishment and the overall impact on the local economies of Rincon and San Juan. Furthermore, sand sources need to be identified, coastal sediment transport, sand budgets need to be estimated. The potential impacts of continued erosion and possible nourishment on important and protected benthic species need to be evaluated. Proposals that help resolve these issues are sought.

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