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Marejada is the new marine bulletin from the University of Puerto Rico Sea Grant College Program (UPRSGCP). Marejada is published twice a year and it will follow the trajectory of Boletín Marino, a magazine that for 25 years effectively disseminated the activities and the research and extension projects coordinated by our program. Click here for more information.

fuete_verguillaThe ‘fuete’ and the ‘verguilla’ are two important tools for deep water fishing of groupers and red snapper. It is a vertical, solid, resistant, and important art form; just like our fishermen. It is the title that we have chosen for our magazine, through which we wish to initiate an exchange of information amongst everyone that is involved in commercial fishing in Puerto Rico. Click here for more information.

Our blogs

Blog Marejada

Our official magazine's blog.

Fuete y Verguilla

A blog for fisheries stakeholders.

Guardarenas (Sandwatch)

Blog dedicated to the Sandwatch educational project.

Naturaleza sin Tóxicos

Protecting nature and life on our planet.

Biblioteca Legal Ambiental

Legal library specializing in coastal and environmental law.

Reserva Natural Caño Boquilla

Blog dedicated to the Conservation Efforts for the Nature Coastal Reserve Caño Boquilla

Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios del Litoral

CIEL is devoted to the interdisciplinary study of the human dimension of coastal and marine processes.

Caribbean Regional Assessment

Alerting about research needs and management of marine resources in the Caribbean.

Extensión en Pesquerías y Maricultura

Blog dedicated to marine extension information related to fisheries and aquaculture.

Reserva Natural Caño Madre Vieja

Blog dedicated to the Proposed Designation of the Nature Coastal Reserve Caño Madre Vieja

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